About Beamery

We started Beamery on the simple idea that online you are not a Candidate or a Customer - you are both. Companies have become very sophisticated at selling products and building customer relationships online, while Recruiting has not changed.

This led us to create a platform that brings predictive marketing and data-science to recruitment, empowering companies to treat candidates like customers.

How We Interview & Hire Engineers:

We practice what we preach and truly believe that recruiting is about building a relationship. Our philosophy is to be conscious of your time and give you a real feel of our product, people and culture. We interview fast and are extremely transparent.

We start with an initial 30 minute phone call with one of the founders, followed by a 1-hour coding test. If that goes well we will sometimes send you a take home assignment or sometimes go directly to a half-day session at our office. We are flexible and this can be on a weekend. You will meet the whole team - both engineering and non-engineering, and have lunch or drinks with us. You’ll get to see our code, how we work and how we think.

We typically make a formal offer quickly, and following this will ask for reference calls with your former managers & bosses and run a simple background check.

Our Culture & Values:

We are a small team of creators and engineers. We are dreamers and problem solvers. We’re passionate about our craft from the first meta tag, down to the last pixel and we believe sweating the small stuff is what makes a beautiful product that delights our users

Right from the start we have been focused on building a team, not just a product. We are ambitious and we work hard to achieve our goals. Everyone gets a lot of responsibility and ownership right from day 1 and we aren’t afraid to challenge each other to get to the best solution. We believe that everyone can be the best at something, and in teaching the others around us.

Current openings

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